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In 30 days from today,
what will you have created?

More importantly…
How will you feel?

With grace, grit and gumption to follow your dreams, everything could be different.
There is a dream within you that wants to
be created, expressed or experienced.


You are not clear on what you want.

Perhaps you’ve tricked yourself into believing the lies “I am so confused" or “I don’t know what I want.”

As a result, year after year, life stays the same.

Or Maybe...

You don't have a shortage of dreams and are super clear on what you want.

However, you are overwhelmed and paralyzed by the process of making your dreams come true.  Year after year, you wonder, "Why haven't I done it yet?"

Either way, you’re discouraged.

You secretly ask yourself:

What’s wrong with me?

And you’ve come to the conclusion,

I’m not cut out for this whole “turning dreams into reality” thing.


I’m begging you to STOP!

New dreams require a new YOU!

if I know anything to be true, it’s these 2 things:

#1 — You have a dream that wants to be created, experienced or expressed.

#2-- If you can dream it, you can create it.

the real question is:

Are you going to continue to settle with excuses, spinning in confusion and be exactly where you are 30 days from now?

OR . . .

Are you willing to become the kind of woman who makes her dreams come true?

Take a moment and think about what could be different in 30 days.

Here is what I have seen my clients create:

Happier marriage.

An extra 5K.

Lost 8 pounds.

A new job.

A new product for her business.

Paid off a 1K in debt.

While these results may not seem super sexy, these were 30-day goals were steps towards these women's bigger dream.

This is what can happen when you:


When you have a framework for dream making, a lot is possible in 30 days.

Sounds easy, right?

If turning dreams into reality were easy, everyone would be living their dream life.

So, why don’t more people actually follow through on their dreams?


Dream making requires
Grace, Grit & Gumption.
Turning a dream into reality requires that you let go of parts of yourself.

It asks you to step into the unknown.

And, there are no guarantees.

That, m’friend is very scary business to the brain.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to amaze yourself with what’s possible, but I don’t want to sugarcoat what it takes.

If a dream is worth pursuing, it’s worth the challenges that will and must occur in order for you to become a dream maker.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s easy.

I’m not going to try and persuade you that all you need to do is create a vision board and everything will fall into your lap.

And, I’m certainly not going to sell you a “Get rich quick” scheme.

I want to sell you on believing in and creating your dreams.

Where Women Bring Their Ideas to Life
30 Days at a Time

The Dream Atelier is for any woman who’s ready to stop talking about her dreams and start creating them.

In this LIVE workshop, I will teach you the elegant mindset and framework that is required for dream making.

And, when you follow this exact process,

you will have created something that doesn’t yet exist

. . . in 30 days!

What are your dreams worth?
Women have stopped valuing their dreams.

We value our partners, parents, kids and bosses dreams more than our own.

We think our dreams are frivolous.

We fear that we’re being selfish.

We live in a world of guilt about wanting more for ourselves.

We’ve convinced ourselves that our dreams are impossible.

We have even gone as far as to convince ourselves that we are confused about what our dream is, because deep down, we know that if we pretend to not know, we can continue life as it is, keeping the peace, and not ruffling any feathers, at an attempt to have full control of our life and also avoiding the feeling of failure that *might* happen and we’d rather do anything than be labeled THAT.

But, I want you to ask yourself a very serious question:

What is denying your dreams costing you?
. . . disappointing yourself day after day, month after month by not taking any action on what you say you want?

. . . living in confusion about what you want?

. . . feeling like your life is passing by and nothing is changing?

. . . seeing others create the dream that you have going on Facebook and Instagram and feeling envy?

. . . waking up with big plans for the day , yet accomplishing very little?

. . . sabotaging yourself over and over and wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

. . . feeling unproductive and building the belief that you never complete things?

. . . hiding out in your own life out of fear of what others will think?

. . . consuming a lot of information and doing nothing with it?

. . . putting your dreams on the backburner year after year?

In coaching women for almost a decade, and as a woman who didn’t make her dreams a priority for far too long, I know that not listening to your dreams leads to a life where you wonder, “Is this all there is?”

However, there is another option:

Dreams breathe life back into your everyday.
Did you know that women are 2x as likely to be anxious and/or depressed as men?

In fact, one in eight middle-age women in the United States has depression.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t surprise me.

We sit at home watching Netflix and eating Doritos straight out the bag; and then, we complain that we don’t have enough time.

We hide out in our own lives, afraid of what others will think if we show up and be absolutely brilliant.

We are cranky with our kids and spouses because we don’t take a moment for ourselves.

We are resentful when we go on Facebook or Instagram and see other people doing the very thing we’ve been secretly wanting to do for years.

We are depleting our souls, and my friend, this is costing you more than just money. It’s costing you your own life.

I don’t tell you this to scare you.

I tell you this because having a dream can breath life back into your existence.

One dream at a time.
30 days at a time.
Imagine if you were to accomplish steps of your dream every 30 days.

Your dream of . . .

Writing the book.
Organizing your office.
Improving your marriage.
Going back to school.
Singing in a band.
Speaking French.
Designing the collection.
Starting your business.
Wearing a size 6 dress.
Creating a youtube channel.
Envision what your life would look and feel like:

In a year?
Five years?
Ten years?

I know!
Your life would be completely unrecognizable to the life you’re living right now.

But, you know what….. creating your dreams is not the best part.

The best part of creating a dream isn’t the
dream itself; it’s who you must become in the process.
Here’s the thing:
you must become someone new, in
order to create something new.
I know.
You think you want the end goal.
The dream.
That’s why you’re still here reading this page.

And, don’t get me wrong,
I want that for you too!
I do.

But, the best outcome of this process is NOT the end goal.
It is who you become.
You will become a woman who:
. . . has clarity around what she wants.
. . . values her ideas.
. . . makes decisions. Quickly and with confidence.
. . . creates a plan.
. . . consistently carves out time in her schedule for her dream.
. . . shows up for what she want.
. . . is resilient and resourceful.
. . . is unstoppable.
With these types of qualities, just imagine how every part of your life will improve.

That’s what happens when you become the kind of woman who shows up for her dreams.

“The Dream Atelier” is not for you if ...
You want to purchase another productivity course/book/DVD set just so you can let it collect dust

You don’t feel like you’re dreams are worth investing in.

You’re not willing to be uncomfortable

You have no interest in personal growth

You are more committed to your past and excuses than your future and dreams.

“The Dream Atelier” is for you if:
You are willing to do hard things

You are ready to make yourself proud

You’re just as excited about who you’ll become than you are the dream itself

You are willing to invest your time and energy into your dreams

You want to elevate your mindset

You want to tap into your creativity

You’re ready to commit to your dream, once and for all.

However, if you’re read up until this point, I have a sneaky suspicion
that this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for.
Why 3o days?
At this point you may be wondering: “Tonya, why 30 days?

The quick answer: We underestimate ourselves and what we’re capable of.

By giving you 30 days, I’m asking your mind to stop lollygagging around in confusion and paralysis.

I’m asking you to become decisive, think in different ways, take action and give up your excuses at a faster speed.

It will be a challenge, but I have full confidence that you can do it.

Scratch that -- WE can do it.

I mean, let’s get real. If I gave you six months, that’s how long it would take.

Life doesn't last forever, my friend.
NOTE: Yes, the French Kiss Life philosophy is around slowing down and enjoying life, but when it comes to your dreams, I don’t want you to slow things down. I want you to pick a direction and leisurely hustle your way there. I want you to experience that feeling of pride in yourself that happens when you start showing up for your life.
Join me live for 30 days!
I will teach you the elegant mindset and framework I use to turn dreams into reality.
Here’s what we will do
Getting Clear on Your Dream
Time to say au revoir to confusion and “not knowing.” To prepare for the atelier, you’re going to get 100% clear on your dream.
Here’s what you’ll learn and apply to create your dream:
  • The #1 way to go from confusion to clarity
  • The only 3 things you need to manage to turn your dreams into reality
  • The 5 rules to that determine the effectiveness of your goals
Mapping Out Your Dream
A dream without a plan is called “wishing.” In this workshop, you’ll commit to a plan that feels delightful to you.

No more excuses of “there’s not enough time” or “one day.”  With this simple process, you’ll have a roadmap for your dream.

It’s time to leave your excuses of “there’s not enough time” behind and begin to show up in a whole new way.

Here’s what you’ll learn and apply to create your dream:
  • How to create a clear plan so you can leisurely hustle your way to you success
  • A simple way to break down a dream into doable steps
  • Watch Tonya demonstrate LIVE her behind the scenes of a dream mapping session
  • How to create rules for your dream map that guarantees you show up for it
Fueling Your Dream with Emotions
To create your dream, you must embody the dream. To embody your dream, you must feel like the woman living her dream.

During this workshop, you’ll learn Tonya’s favorite techniques for creating emotions so that you can fuel your dream into reality.

Here’s what you’ll learn and apply to create your dream:
  • A 2-step emotional process for feeling like a hot mess and a powerful force all at the same (and never letting your emotional state stop you).
  • Why being all zen and namaste may be delaying your dreams (and the emotions that (you may be surprised to discover) will fuel them
  • How a jacket helped Barbara Corcoran become a millionaire (and how it can help you create your dream too)
Cultivating Your Dream Mindset
Have you ever heard the saying, “The thinking that got you here won’t get you there?” It’s true, which is why we don’t focus on action alone in The Dream Atelier. Time to style your mind with a dream mindset.
Here’s what you’ll learn and apply to create your dream:
  • The power of being committed to your future (because your dreams don’t live in your past)
  • How a visit into your future will fast track your dreams
  • Why dreams require new standards that are higher than your heels
  • Why practicing new thinking is as important as your action list
  • How your favorite playlist (yes that one!) may be slowing down your dreams (and what to do about it)
Overcoming Dream Obstacles
Sister, if you’re going to be courageous enough to create your dream life, then expect the challenges and obstacles that come with the process.

However, you don’t have to be thrown off your game or give up at the first bump (or twenty) in the road).

Here’s what you’ll learn and apply to create your dream:
  • The 3 G’s of dream making that every woman needs
  • How singing in an elevator will help you make your dream come true
  • Why perfectionism will break your soul and bank account and how to overcome it
  • How to set up rules for yourself and your dream so that you stop the self-sabotage and finally create that thing you’ve been wanting to create
You’ll be fully supported
the entire 30 days
For 30 days, my team and I (and the other ladies in The Atelier….) we will do our darndest to make sure you stay the course.


Each week, I’ll host a live 60 minute video class with real life examples, as well as tips and tricks to implement what you're learning.


The Dream Atelier has weekly and daily check-in tools designed to help you stay the path to create your dream.


Many women struggle with creating their dream because they’re not surrounded by the right people.

The Dream Atelier 30-day community will be your place to celebrate your steps (big and small) and inspire each other by example.


At FKL, we firmly believe that style does matter, and we want you to create your dream artfully!

The Dream Atelier workbook, filled with exercises and steps, will be your guide throughout our 30 days together.


One of FKL’s core values is delighting our customers. One of the ways we like to do this is through surprising you along the way to keep our journey to our dreams fun and supportive.

I have some surprises up my sleeves for the amazing dreamers in this community.

Join Today

This is a LIVE 30-day workshop
where you’ll play towards your
dream one thought, feeling, and
action at a time.

Two Options


(Save $70)



(Save $150)

** Enrollment in this LIVE workshop is only available for a limited time **








In The Dream Atelier,
we make our futures bigger than our pasts.
Okay, my friend, you’ve read up until this point, so it’s time for some T.L. Squared (Tonya Leigh Tough Love).

This live 30 day workshop is going to challenge you in the most amazing ways, because here’s the deal:

To create something you’ve never had,
you must become someone you’ve never been
and do things you’ve never done.

So, you will have to let go of the stories of how . . .

. . . I never follow through.
. . . I am too busy.
. . . I don’t know how.
. . . I am not smart, rich or skinny enough.
. . . The only way that I can find joy is if I get my dream.
. . . Because ____(something from the past)____ happened, I am screwed.
. . . It’s never worked before, so it never will.
. . . It’s just not possible.

In The Dream Atelier, you will have a Master Life Coach in your corner ensuring that you overcome these beliefs and take action towards your dream.

From Day One, you’ll be asked to raise your own personal standards of how you show up in the world.

And you will not be alone.


Are you still interested?


In The Dream Atelier, I want to work with women:

  • Who are committed to their dreams.
  • Who are excited about who they must become to create their dreams.

Since this is a LIVE workshop, it's not for the woman wants to "test it out" or who's not ready to commit.  

Because of this, once you enroll, no refunds or credits will be given.


In The Dream Atelier, I promise to match the same level of commitment level that I am requiring you to bring to the table.

 I'm also bringing in a seasoned member of the FKL team who will be helping me help you stay accountable.  

I'll be sharing my own personal examples and how I've overcome obstacles (and I have a lot of them).

If you’re thinking, “Yes, Tonya! I’m SO ready,” (even if you’re scared) I have three simple words for you:

Let's do this!


(Save $70)



(Save $150)








** Enrollment in this LIVE workshop is only available for a limited time **
Who is this workshop for?

This program is for any woman who has a dream (even if you’re not clear on what it is) and is ready to learn and apply a process of how to turn your ideas into reality.

How is this workshop delivered?
  • I will host a LIVE video class each week that you can join from your computer or mobile device.
  • You will receive a copy of The Dream Atelier workbook delivered to your doorstep.
  • You will have access to the online members area where all class material, recordings and calendar will be made available.
  • There will be a private Facebook community for the 30-days (this is not required)
  • You will receive emails throughout the program as reminders and inspiration.  

If you join me for LIVE coaching, there will be an additional group call each week where I'll be coaching you through the process.  

I’m super busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to the workshop?

Before I answer this, I must share something...

Drawing from my many years of coaching women, "I don't have enough time" has become a huge excuse (and block) from creating our dreams. So I'd like to start by saying that the only thing that's required of you is 100% commitment.   Not "X" number of hours.

And, as we get started in the live workshop, one of the first things that we will do together is to "create" the time to ensure follow thru on what will be needed to create your dream.  It's part of the magic of my framework

However, in making sure that I'm not dodging this question, here is what I can tell you to expect time wise over the 30 day period (as a bare minimum):

  • You will be expected to attend four Live Classes; they are are 60 minutes long.  
  • You will be expected to complete your weekly action items on your own time (which will be derived from your dream plan and from the Weekly Class content). The time allocated here can vary from woman to woman depending on what your specific dream and commitment is.
  • You will be expected to do a self-check in daily (morning is best) with The Dream Atelier Journaling + Daily Planning Exercise (minimum of 15 minutes of uninterrupted time)
  • You will be expected to submit a weekly accountability form to FKL so you and I and the team can be sure you're on track. (minimum of 15 minutes of uninterrupted time)

In a nutshell:  your time is precious and you have a lot of responsibilities.  It is my promise to support you in being the best version of you while creating your dream.  This is what French Kissing Life is about! 

What is the exact timeline of the 30 day workshop?
Final Enrollment closes on Saturday, Dec 8th, 2018.

And in the spirit of French Kissing the Holiday Season, I've arranged for the Atelier *officially* to start thereafter:

  • Week 0 --Sunday Dec 30 - Sat Jan 5
  • Week 1 -- Sunday Jan 6 - Sat Jan 12 (live class on Mon @ 9am PT/12pm ET )
  • Week 2 -- Sunday Jan  13 - Sat Jan 19 (live class on Mon @ 4pm PT/7pm ET )
  • Week 3 -- Sunday Jan  20 - Sat Jan 26 (live class on Mon @ 9am PT/12pm ET )
  • Week 4 -- Sunday Jan  27 - Sat Feb 2 (live class on Mon @ 4pm PT/7pm ET )

So, mark your calendar!

Ugh. I have conflicts with the live class dates/times. What can I do?
Do not fear.

My video classes will all be recorded and you can watch them on demand.

So, just set aside 60 minutes in your calendar to watch and take action in the same week.

Easy peasy.

Do I get lifetime access to this Workshop?
You can download all of the digital materials, and you will be the sole owner of the hard goods I give to you, however, after the conclusion, of the 30 days live workshop, this course is over.

My intention is that once you've worked with me live for 30 days, you will be able to repeat this framework over and over to create other dreams in your life.

note:  At the present moment, we are not sure when will re-open enrollment, however when we do if you would like to re-enroll like you were brand new because you know that you do best with the added support, I would love for you to join us.

What is the difference : "LIVE WORKSHOP" and "LIVE WORKSHOP + LIVE COACHING"
In this Live Workshop, my team and I and your supportive community will provide for you all of the tools and support that will be needed to create something that you hadn't created 30 days.

Some women may choose to have supplemental live coaching to support them in their creation over the 30 day period.   Its a personal decision and only you know what you need in order to achieve your dreams.

The coaching will be in a group coaching setting for 60 minutes a week on Wednesdays (during the same weeks as the live class at the same time. )


  • Only the ladies who enroll with supplemental coaching will be invited to attend the Wednesday coaching calls / call
  • My Live Monday classes will not provide personalized coaching
  • I will not be coaching in the community.

Therefore, if you know that you want me to coach you or if you want to listen in and hear me coach other women thru their blocks, I suggest that you add on the supplemental coaching to the workshop.

If you are still not sure which to choose, please email the FKL Concierge team at and they will be happy to assist you in your decision.


In 30 days,
What will you be celebrating?
Close your eyes. And imagine yourself 30 days from now.

How will you feel?

What will you have created?

What will you be celebrating?

Do you want to be the woman who . . .

. . . is still talking about the same dream year after year?
. . . feels disappointed in herself...again?
. . . watches everyone else show up and create their dreams?
. . . has a lot of regrets?


. . . feels proud of herself?
. . . knows how to make things happen?
. . . doesn’t delay her joy until one day?
. . . knows how to think and live on purpose?
. . . knows how to make her dreams come true?


I thought so!

I’ll see you inside The Dream Atelier.



(Save $70)



(Save $150)

** Enrollment in this LIVE workshop is only available for a limited time **








If you have any questions about the course, please email us at: